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How Soon Does Botox in Greenville, SC Start Working?

How Soon Does Botox in Greenville, SC Start Working?

How Soon Does Botox in Greenville, SC Start Working?

Considering a lip flip to rejuvenate your smile? Or maybe you just want to look in the mirror and feel more youthful like you did before the frown lines or other wrinkles showed up? Whatever the case, Botox in Greenville, SC can help! But, how quickly does it become effective?

Let’s Get Right to It – How Fast Does Botox in Greenville, SC Work?

The great news is that this remarkable treatment gets to work right away! However, you won’t see immediate results. It does take time for swelling to subside after injections and for the ‘tox to produce effects you can see externally.

Most patients see improvement within two to three days, while some patients notice a change after just one day and others not for four or five days. The full effect takes up to two weeks, so be patient and know that your injections are working hard behind the scenes.

If you plan to get cosmetic Botox for a special event, you should book injections about two weeks in advance if possible. This helps ensure any side effects you may experience, such as bruising, have time to improve and you see the final results.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed Up and Extend the Results?

The truth is, it’s really up to you. Following your pre-injection and post-Botox instructions is the best way to ensure you achieve the results you want as quickly as possible and to extend their longevity.

This can include things such as quitting smoking if that applies to you and avoiding alcohol for at least 24 hours before and after treatment. Another way to meet your aesthetic goals with Botox is taking proper care of your skin with products that moisturize, protect you from the elements, and contribute to overall skin health.

Your injector will let you know what to do and what not to do to prepare beforehand and care for yourself afterward. Be sure to follow all of them completely for an optimal outcome.

For Amazing Botox Results That Last, Turn to the Area’s Top Cosmetic Injector

Your search for Botox in Greenville, SC is over now that you’ve found us! Serving Upstate region’s aesthetic needs here at Botox Boutique in Anderson, owner Donna Burton delivers impressive results to make it worth your drive.

Call us today at 864-844-5397 to book your consultation for same-day ‘tox!


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